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The beginning of my career was spent as a VP of Operations at boutique marketing agency. My role was this; maintaining a positive ROI for clients and making sure processes funneled smoothly. What made me leave was the true lack of interaction with people. I was behind a computer (or phone) for 98% of days. It felt thankless and mundane.

Fast-forward to my entry into real estate >>> I thrive on bringing my clients a smooth transaction; helping my sellers make the most profit on the sale of their home and helping my buyers financially navigate this crazy market.

While winning the best offer or delivering my sellers a high return, I still find an immense amount of joy in selling memories, dreams and homes.. not to be confused with a ‘house’.

Founding my team, the beginning of the Kait Brocious Group
I was fortunate to have great opportunities and additionally, to be surrounded by smart business men and women (much smarter than me). I’ve always been ‘hungry’ and have always requested to be in the room where decisions were being made. I had a handful of people lean into me, and additionally a small few became mentors. Once you see how much time someone can pour into you, with no return for themselves, it’s extremely humbling. Ever since I’ve seen that perspective, I have been craving to do the same for others wanting to get their start in real estate. I am passionate about my relationships. I am passionate about being honest and being a real person.

When I’m not focused on kid extra-curricular activities (I have 3), or work, you can find me taking a walk under the sunset in my neighborhood with my AirPods, brainstorming my next big idea, or sitting outback on my patio with a glass of whiskey or bourbon.

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