“Building” Your Forever Home

If the words “custom,” or “move-in ready” appear on your wish list, you might be the ideal client for new construction. Whether you buy a pre-built new construction home or design it from scratch, there are a ton of perks that come with owning a new home. When your new home search begins, you’ll want to select the right home builder. To find the perfect builder, we’ve narrowed down a list of questions you will want to ask during your interview:

  • How many years have you been in business/ How many homes have you built?

  • Are you licensed and insured?

  • What type of new home warranty do you offer?

  • Can you give me 3 references for past clients?

  • Do you have model homes I can tour?

  • What are the major energy-saving features of homes you build?

  • Do you build only from home plans you supply? Or can I provide my own set of plans?

  • What standard features do your homes include?

  • What options and upgrades can I select?

  • Who will oversee the construction of my home?

  • Who should I contact with any questions I may have?

  • How and when can I make changes or upgrades before and during construction?

  • How do you handle delays or changes?

  • How and when will the final price for my home be determined?

  • How often (and when) will I have access to the home during the building process?

  • How long will it take to build my new home?

  • Does the community have a homeowners association (HOA) and/or an Architectural Review Committee? If so, may I get a copy of their rules and the amount of any fees?

  • What’s your inspection process at key points of construction

  • What sets you apart from other builders?


Now that you have a good set of starting questions you’d need to decide what kind of new build you would want to build; Custom Build vs. Production Build.

A production builder designs neighborhoods of homes based on a series of available floor plans. Your opportunity to personalize certain features of the home like flooring, exterior finishes, or countertops will be throughout the design meetings. A production build is a great match for buyers that want a brand-new home without taking on the extra work of designing each space in the home.

A custom build gives the buyer the freedom to fully design the home from the ground up with guidance from their builder. There are no limits, outside of the budget and regulations, on the location of the home, materials selected to design the house, or overall layout/design of the floor plan. Building custom will ensure that you get what you want. A downfall could be that custom builds offer a bit more uncertainty when it comes to budget and timeline.


Do you need an agent to represent you when buying new construction?

It’s a good idea to have your real estate agent accompany you on your first visit to the new construction. Why? Because the builder (aka the seller) will be responsible for paying the commission and needs to know if you’ll have a real estate agent representing you. So bringing your agent to the first visit will make it clear that the builder’s agent will be on the hook for paying commission. Some builders might even refuse to pay your agent a commission if you don’t register the agent the first time you visit the home on a new construction site. Also, the builder has the builder’s best interest in mind, not yours.

It’s your agent’s job is to help you get the most value for your money, with the least hassle and frustration. When buying new construction, here’s what your real estate agent will help you with. Negotiating upgrades: Want upgraded counters or appliances? Your agent can help negotiate with the builder on your behalf. Recommending financing: A builder typically will have a “preferred” lender that it will try to steer you to, but your agent can help make sure that you’re getting the mortgage that works best for you. Overseeing a home inspection: Tempted to forgo a home inspection in new construction? Don’t do it. The number and severity of new-home defects often rival resale home problems. The builder’s agent is unlikely to push for or offer up an inspection, so it’s up to you and your real estate agent to make it happen.


We’re always ready to do right by our clients, always ready to lend an ear, and always ready to find out how we can better serve you. If you need a list of builders to contact or you have questions about the new construction process, please reach out. Let’s make your dreams come true together!

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