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November Market Update

The Realtor Association of York and Adams Counties has released its Market Update for November and while the numbers may not look much different than October’s there is something they may not quite yet be showing. And I want to…

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Reading Time: 4 minMoving with a Family

Moving with a Family

Moving can be a really chaotic time even for just one person. Who’s going to help, when should I start packing, how do I get all of the supplies, how many trips will I need to make, this is just…

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Reading Time: 3 minRejection, it hurts!

Rejection, it hurts!

Rejection is a part of everyday life, so why would Real Estate be any different? I don’t know if it’s my Type A personality or my hyper-competitiveness, maybe both, but I don’t always handle rejection well. I will replay entire…

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