Moving with a Family

Moving with a Family

Moving can be a really chaotic time even for just one person. Who’s going to help, when should I start packing, how do I get all of the supplies, how many trips will I need to make, this is just a sampling of the questions that go spiraling through your head when considering moving. You can imagine that moving a family would feel even more overwhelming. If you happen to be planning a move with your family, the responsibilities and challenges ahead of you may feel overwhelming. How can you possibly organize a trouble-free move, and complete the laborious moving-related tasks, while also taking care of all your household members, and other daily priorities?

There is no doubt, moving a family can be difficult and stressful. Yet, there are ways to make it smooth and efficient. The simple, yet effective tips below will help you achieve this feat and turn the dreaded moving process into a fun family adventure.

Plan, Plan, Plan

A move requires meticulous planning. In addition to deciding on an appropriate moving date, creating a moving calendar, setting up a moving budget, hiring good movers, etc., you also need to:

Make your family feel included. Moving can be hard on children, even harder when they feel as though they have no say. Be sure to communicate with your children during this time of transition. Explain why the move is important to you and make sure to answer all and any questions they have. Assure your young ones that they will be as safe, comfortable, and loved in the new home as they are now, and ask questions like what they would like to discover in their new city, what new activities they would like to try, and how they would like to set up their new room. Making plans for an enjoyable new life in the new place will help your children understand the benefits and opportunities that a move provides. The goal is to spark their curiosity and adventurous spirit and to reduce the moving stress. 

Decide the best time to make your move. You’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • Will there be job changes, last days, or start dates?
  • When do you need to leave your old home?
  • How soon can you move into your new home? 
  • Will it be better for your children to move during the school year or during the summer break?
  • Do you prefer to move in the spring, summer, fall, or winter?
  • Are there any family or previously planned events you need to schedule around?

Have a plan, but understand it will likely change, more than once. Planning ahead is essential for a successful move, but being flexible is essential.

Organize, Organize and Organize some more

Organizing a move with your family will be difficult, but doesn’t need to be. Create a moving checklist and take inventory of the things that need to move with you. Take this time to purge your home. Find the best movers for you and get on their schedule as early as possible. 

Purging. A big family means a lot of belongings and moving a lot of belongings means higher moving costs. You may want to purge your home and get rid of no-longer-needed items before the move. Check the attic, basement, garage, closets, bookshelves, and toy chests; go through every single piece of baby and kid clothing and plaything that you own and give it away, sell it at a garage sale, and toss the stuff that is no longer usable.

Moving Inventory and Checklist. Once you have sorted out your possessions, make a detailed inventory of the items you’re going to move to your new home, this will help keep track of everyone’s possessions during the move. Collect and organize documents early. Obtaining and organizing all your family’s vital, medical, school, and financial records will take time, so it is a good idea to take care of the papers well in advance. Go through your moving checklist and decide who can best help with what (you don’t need to do it all – a large family means a lot of helpers, after all).

Make labeling easier. There will be A LOT of boxes when moving with a big family, so you need to use an easy and efficient labeling system in order to bring order to the chaos. Try color-coding. Choose colored packing tape or color labels and assign a different color to each child and each room in the house. This will save you plenty of time and confusion when moving in, a simple glance at the boxes will automatically tell you where each one goes.

Have your essentials with you all the time. If you have a large family, you likely have several children of different ages and, therefore, need different items on a daily basis for each child. Items to think about: drinks, formula, bottles, medication, snacks, paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins and diapers, personal care items, as well as coloring books and games to keep your children entertained during the move. Essentials also include chargers, phones, and tablets. 

Ensure safety and peace on moving day. You can keep the older kids around to help, but consider making separate arrangements for the little ones to go for the day with grandparents, friends, and other close family members or even hiring a trusted babysitter.

Make a game out of it 

Moving can also be a lot of fun. Why not turn the laborious moving tasks into a game?

  • Find and seek – Ask your kids to find all out-of-season items (Christmas decorations, winter wear, etc.) or specialty items (sports gear, craft supplies, etc.) in the home and group them by type, so that you can pack them quickly and easily.
  • Speed packing – Give each of your kids a large moving box and see who will be the first to pack all their stuffed toys (or books, or games, or clothes – any non-breakable, easy-to-pack items).
  • Treasure hunt – When the time comes to double-check your home for items left behind, tell your kids that a box of cookies has been hidden somewhere in the house and challenge them to inspect the home and discover the treasure (while also bringing you any forgotten items they may find, win-win).

Hiring professional movers when moving will take much of the burden from your shoulders. Full-service movers are your best bet as they’ll take care of your move from start to finish, assuring your peace of mind and giving you more time to deal with other important tasks and look after your family. If you have any questions about moving, the buying and selling process, or need a professional moving contact be sure to comment below or reach out to me – I would be grateful to assist. Have a beautiful Sunday, friends!

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