Rejection, it hurts!

Rejection, it hurts!Rejection is a part of everyday life, so why would Real Estate be any different? I don’t know if it’s my Type A personality or my hyper-competitiveness, maybe both, but I don’t always handle rejection well. I will replay entire situations in my head and question what I could’ve done differently, and how I could’ve prepared better. Don’t get me wrong, WINS are awesome, but the losses mean more to me from a growth perspective.

In reality, I feel like this attribute makes me a stronger agent, as I will continuously strive to be better for my clients. Sharing my story with so many colleagues has also given me strength, I love sharing my story. I was fortunate to be able to start my real estate career on a team producing at a very high level. These were seasoned agents, with some of the hardest and most challenging experiences collectively. They knew how to solve complicated problems, they knew how to take care of their clients and they knew how to make money. They took me in, they took me in and showed me that if I was willing to follow a system, be consistent and show up for myself, my team, and my clients – I would be successful. And that is exactly what happened. I have continued to surround myself with people who were smarter and more successful than I was; the rest took care of itself. 

“Tomorrow is never promised.”

From my love of sharing my story and a strong deep-rooted feeling to pay it forward I knew it was time for me to build a team. I have had a handful of amazing mentors, still to this day. Without those people who stood by me and didn’t quit on me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I want to do that for others. I want to teach others how to be genuine, how to run a successful real estate business, and help them accomplish their dreams. Teams become a necessity for agents who want to have a life outside of being a real estate agent. I have 3 children, and as we all know, tomorrow is never promised. Having a team provides leverage to lean on others when you have family events, kid things, or honestly, just need a break! It’s a win-win for me and the individuals on my team. 

“Having the highest amount of 5* reviews, however, is at the top!”

That is the drive behind Kait Brocious Group, but I am sure you are wondering, “why would others want to join KBG.” Good question, I don’t and will never have goals to own and run a 10+ person team. Or be the largest team. Or be the highest-producing team. I want to have a boutique set of individuals who all add different value and cover a different niche market. My goal is to have time to pour into all of my teammates effectively. I have witnessed the detriment of toxicity in a culture and how that turns into a cancer from the inside out. Adding bodies isn’t my dream, having the highest amount of 5* reviews, however, is at the top!

I hope that you are enjoying more about me and my team each week. It is an honor to have you read along with my journey. Any questions or comments, leave them below. And if I can help you with any real estate needs, click, “contact us.” My team and I would be honored to assist you. Stay well til next time!

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