You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers

Clients often say, “I bet you’ve sold so many houses you can’t even remember your first one.” Talk with any agent and you’ll quickly come to learn, that this is not the case. In fact, you never forget the first one! I was lucky enough to have friends choose to work with me, knowing full well that I was brand new (I’ll be forever grateful for them). They were looking to purchase a property with acreage but also needed to sell their home too. The property they fell in love with was being listed through an agent who had been in the business for many years and let’s just say he did not like the idea that I was brand-new. I was nervous from start to finish! We got it done, but it wasn’t without a few bumps. I learned A LOT in those two deals and I continue to talk about them often to this day. 

Then they may ask, “Why did you choose to be a Real Estate Agent?” I left a boutique marketing agency where it was my responsibility to maintain a positive return on investment for clients and make sure processes funneled smoothly. What made me leave was the true lack of interaction with people. I was behind a computer (or phone) for 98% of my days. It felt thankless and mundane. With real estate, I love that it’s 100% about making connections with people. I am passionate about my relationships. I am passionate about being honest, genuine, and being a real person. I still get to do marketing, just now it’s for myself! 

“It felt thankless and mundane.”

That question may be followed up with, “Is the pay good?” The sky is truly the limit in Real Estate. You have the ability to make any amount of income and you own your schedule. I quickly learned that this industry can take you in so many directions; building a team, building an investment portfolio, educating or training others to help grow their businesses and so much more. 

“The sky is truly the limit in Real Estate.” 

I love talking about my passion for real estate. Over the next few weeks, I plan to share more frequent questions I get asked from friends, family, and clients. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them below. And if I can help you with any real estate needs, click, “contact us.” My team and I would be honored to assist you. Until next week, be well friends. 

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